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Company Info

Mike's Flight Deck Books is a business entity created by me to sell my books. The company is so small it has no employees, only an owner. It's even too small to justify the effort to claim a tax deduction for the space it occupies.

Mike's Flight Deck Books is essentially just a guy with an interest in flight simulation and a desire to write about it.

Because it is so small, you can be sure any notes sent to Mike's Flight Deck Books will be read by the guy at the top, and book comments will be read by the author.

The flip side is that the shipping department is rather small as well. Orders will be processed in the sequence received. If there is a surge in orders, the staff just might get a little behind. Of course, if there should ever be a problem with your order, you can work directly with the guy in shipping to resolve it.

Privacy Policy

I do not sell, lease or share customer information with anyone.

Generally, the information collected will consist of a customer's name, the shipping address, contact information, and the order itself. If you correspond with me I will try to keep a copy of the correspondence. I use this information to fulfill orders, to verify that refund requests are from bonafide customers, and to demonstrate my compliance with state and federal laws should I be audited.

Credit card transactions are handled through Paypal. I have no access to account numbers. For information about Paypal's privacy policy and security arrangements please check the Paypal website.