Site Updates in 2002

31 December 2002 Airplane info URL.
22 December 2002 Space sim link.
20 December 2002 URL for F-16 project aficionados. 
19 December 2002 Brief addendum to the use of motorized potentiometers in making sim flight instruments.
18 December 2002 New link for blue seven segment LED displays: Lite-On carried by Digi-Key.  Thanks to Pesach W. for calling it to my attention.
17 December 2002 The rotary encoders for the directional gyro project finally showed up.  They were installed with no problems and the PIC code worked the first time... Yeah Right!!  Well anyway, it seems to work now, and I updated the built-them-yourself instrument page to reflect that.
14 December 2002 A few more thoughts on building your own flight controls.
13 December 2002 Links.
12 December 2002 A few new aircraft information links.
11December 2002 Expanded the description on making instrument faceplates, basically an addition to yesterday's update.
10 December 2002 New link to electronic surplus dealer, plus a major, major rewrite with lots of pictures on building simulated instruments.
7 December 2002 Added a few notes about using USB to game port adapters.
3 December 2002 New space sim link, and a little grammar tweaking. 
28 November 2002 Additional information resource on stepper motors on the links page.
23 November 2002 Another reference for those of you hardy enough to tackle interfacing to the parallel port, and a new link for rotary encoders.
19 November 2002 New link for possible 5" LCDs and CRTs.  Surplus, closeouts, etc.
14 November 2002 Electronic component source link.
11 November 2002 The discussion about interfacing was expanded to address options for tying more closely to the simulation software itself, rather than solely relying on existing drivers.
10 November 2002 An additional reference for programming serial communications was added.  This will be of interest to those contemplating interfacing through a COM port under Win32.
7 November 2002 There are now a few more links for LCD displays, as well as another PICmicro reference.
6 November 2002 Added some info on PICmicro controller references to the serial interface page and to the links page. Random grammar tweaks.
4 November 2002 Link additions.
2 November 2002 Added a brief paragraph about Scientific Software Tools' free DLL download, PortIO, for those pursuing parallel port interfacing projects.  Also, a few new helicopter resource links.
31 October 2002 Brief update to multi-monitor page.
29 October 2002 Two book titles were added as references in the instrument section, and a few more links made it onto the link page.
28 October 2002 Link added
22 October 2002 Link added
21 October 2002 Added a few links that offer dimensioning data for Boeing and Airbus
17 October 2002 Link added
15 October 2002 Major rewrite/update of Air-Core page with new picture of (almost) finished instruments
6 October 2002 Link addition
21 September 2002 More link tweaks / additions
18 September 2002 Minor tweaks on the links page
9 September 2002 There are now a few pictures of the inner workings of Mike's Flight Deck showing work on the air-core project.
6 September 2002 A bit more content added to the home-brew instrument section.
4 September 2002 The air-core instrument page has a second update describing progress to date on developing circuitry to work with the hand made air-core movements.
2 September 2002 Minor tweaks to the Links page.
24 August 2002 There is now a small project on how, in general, to make cool looking annunciator lights using commonly available aluminum shapes from the hardware store.  A brief update has also been added to the air-core instruments page.
5 July 2002 Added URLs to the links page and extended the discussion on air-core meter movement to show some more recent results.
4 July 2002 Added URL to the links page.
29 June 2002 Added a major new section describing experiments with home brew air-core movements for use in simulated aircraft instruments.
22 May 2002 Added URL to the links page.
21 May 2002 A few new URLs were added to the links page.  There is a new paragraph about home brew LCD-based projectors in the section on displaying the external environment.  This update history page was added.  As I finally figured out how to add email accounts to the site domain, there is now an email account for comments, as well as a new "comments" page.