Site Updates in 2003

31 Dec 2003 A new F-16 simpit link, and a link to additional information about helmet/head mounted displays.
30 Dec 2003 Several new simpit links, and a few new words about LVDT electronics.
29 Dec 2003 More information about pulse switches as an alternative to rotary encoders.
20 Dec 2003 New A320 simpit link, switch manufacturer link.
17 Dec 2003 Vulcan link added.
16 Dec 2003 Link maintenance. updates on book progress status.
15 Dec 2003 An update to the book status.
14 Dec 2003 Link maintenance.
11 Dec 2003 New link.
10 Dec 2003 Link maintenance.
9 Dec 2003 Link maintenance, some grammar tweaking and so on.
8 Dec 2003 Link maintenance.
6 Dec 2003 Book status update.
30 Nov 2003 Link maintenance and book status notes.
25 Nov 2003 Book status update and a request for clear subject lines on email to the comments account.
24 Nov 2003 Small addition to dimension info page.
23 Nov 2003 Added a brief paragraph to the keyboard port interface page
22 Nov 2003 Link to new simpit goodie manufacturer & supplier: Daken-Skys. (Backlit panels, Korry-style switch, yokes, pedals)
19 Nov 2003 A brief update on book status.  
15 Nov 2003 Added a link to Polyt -S,  an excellent glider simulator site (Thanks Kristoffer). Also a few sources of electronics in France, plus added a bit more to the Getting Started page.
14 Nov 2003 Link maintenance and book status update.
7 Nov 2003 Brief update to Getting Started page about G2I's enhancements for Falcon data I/O
6 Nov 2003 Added a bit more info to the serial port interface page.
4 Nov 2003 Florent Van Vlasselaer has made his design for a keyboard port interface available. It's been added to the interface section. (Thanks Florent)
1 Nov 2003 Added an introduction to micro controllers. Learning to work with these versatile devices can pay big dividends to the simpit builder.
24 Oct 2003 A few new links, a new sentence or two in the lens collimated display page, book status update.
20 Oct 2003 Link addition, minor editing.
14 Oct 2003 Added an F-16 link, a link for a new firm making flight training devices, plus did a bit of grammar cleanup.
12 Oct 2003 Added a page on powering and dimming LEDs
8 Oct 2003 Link added for FSFAN, Book status updated.
1 Oct 2003 Added a page of circuitry that can be used with LVDTs, book status update.
28 Sept 2003 Added a page on LVDTs, Linear Variable Differential Transformers.
27 Sept 2003 New CAD s/w link (thanks Tuomas, Jari), book status update, random maintenance.
23 Sept 2003 A new GA simpit link, updates to the book progress page.
18 Sept 2003 Minor editing.
16 Sept 2003 More book status stuff. 
12 Sept 2003 Updated the book status: just about finished the servo-base artificial horizon project chapter. Well, a draft anyhow.
9 Sept 2003 A new resource for USB, a new reference for embedded Ethernet.
8 Sept 2003 An F-16 simpit link, a link to a possible source of small LCD displays, and another source of electro-luminescent panels.
6 Sept 2003 Added a paragraph about illumination color selection in panel and instrument lighting.
5 Sept 2003 A link to the Flightgear open-source simulator project, a small addition to the getting started page, book status.
4 Sept 2003 Another electronics supplier link, plus a C172 simpit link.
3 Sept 2003 Added a new supplier link, and updated the book status page.
1 Sept 2003 some minor updates to the dimensions page.
31 August 2003 Finally got another book chapter into a readable draft. Book status has been updated.
26 August 2003 New forum link. Book status.
22 August 2003 A few new links, some additional material about rotary pulse switches, and of course book status update.
18 August 2003 New Simpit link, book status update.
13 August 2003 Books status update. The stepping motor based ADF/RMI chapter is finally together. (Wish the bathroom was as well)
9 August 2003 Additions to and editing of USB interfacing. Book status update.
28 July 2003 Book status update.
25 July 2003 A couple new forum links, simpit links, and a new joystick info link. Book status update.
21 July 2003 New B777 simpit link.
20 July 2003 New F-16 simpit link.
19 July 2003 New link.
18 July 2003 A few edits
15 July 2003 Book status update, of course, as well as a couple of thistle pix, plus a few random edits.
14 July 2003 A few new links in the aircraft information section, plus updates in the book status.
8 July 2003 Posted a picture of a new stepping motor based dual pointer engine gauge in the DIY instrument section here.
7 July 2003 Book status update. Turbine tach chapter has been set aside to ferment a bit, and I've started the ADF/dual engine gauge chapter. 
2 July 2003 Added a few more simpit links. Updated the book status, just finishing the turbine tach chapter.
28 June 2003 Russel Dirks has released an I/O module for use with MSFS called FSConnect. I've added a paragraph to the interfacing section about it.
26 June 2003 Updates added in the book status section.
20 June 2003 Added a couple of pictures to the DIY instrument section, along with a paragraph or two. (Dual pointer, turbine gas producer tachometer project). Updated the book status.
14 June 2003 Simpit link & book progress updated.
11 June 2003 Added two more references on synchros/selsyns, and updated the book status.
5 June 2003 F-16 simpit links added, book status updated.
4 June 2003 A few links added for electronics sources.
3 June 2003 CRJ700 simpit link added, book status updated.
30 May 2003 P-38 and Bf109 simpit links, plus the link to the X-Keys programmable keypad, and a couple of European electronics suppliers.
28 May 2003 New F16 link, book status update.
27 May 2003 A few new links.
21 May 2003 Book status updated to reflect functional servo-based turn coordinator project and corresponding chapter draft completed.
20 May 2003 Simpit link added, book status tweaked.
19 May 2003 A new A340 Simpit link added.
18 May 2003 Added picture of RC servo based turn coordinator to DIY instrument section.
16 May 2003 Another B747 Simpit, book status updated.
14 May 2003 GA simpit and a few commercial info links  added, plus some editing.
13 May 2003 B747-400 simpit link added.
11 May 2003 B727 simpit link added.
10 May 2003 Link to Philippine Flight Simmer's Group added.
9 May 2003 New simpit link.
5 May 2003 A new F-16 simpit link added, plus book progress updated.
3 May 2003 Added a variety of typical instrument cutouts for standard sized units. It's a big jpeg file. Sorry, couldn't figure how to make my drawing package squeeze it down without loosely too much resolution.
2 May 2003 A new Akers-Barnes project link and a link to Escuadron 111, a very nice Spanish language fighter sim site.
1 May 2003 New freeway glass cockpit link added. Book status updated. It's actually starting to look like a book!
28 April 2003 Simpit link added, and some revisions on KBD interfacing.
25 April 2003 Links added, and a bit of editing.
22 April 2003 Updates made to book status.
20 April 2003 B737 simpit link added.
19 April 2003 A few more simpit site links added.
17 April 2003 PIC prototyping resource link added. A bit of editorial fiddling, too.
16 April 2003 Updates on book progress, slow but getting there.
15 April 2003 I did my taxes weeks ago so I was able to add a few more links today, as well as, update the potentiometer page a bit!
14 April 2003 New micro controller programming, prototyping resource link added.
12 April 2003 Link to DIY helicopter controls.
9 April 2003 Link tweaks and additions. Book status updated. (Ssssloooooooow)
6 April 2003 Simpit link added.
4 April 2003 More material and editorial tweaks on the DIY flight control section.
3 April 2003 An F-4 simulator site link added.
1April 2003 A C-130 info link plus a few more simpit links.
31 March 2003 New Fresnel lens link.
30 March 2003 A few more simpit links added.
29 March 2003 More simpit links added.
28 March 2003 Simpit link addition.
26 March 2003 Simpit project link additions.
25 March 2003 Link additions, grammar tweaks, formatting.
24 March 2003 Added a "Getting Started" page and a list of simpit project links.
23 March 2003 URLs to F-16 and A320 info.
22 March 2003 Links.
21 March 2003 Grammar tweaks.
20 March 2003 New links to large membrane mirror information sources.
19 March 2003 Links to an Extremely nice F-16 sim site, A heli pix site, and an upcoming freeware FS e-zine.  Plus updated status of book progress.
18 March 2003 Expanded coverage of light plates and making illuminated panels.
17 March 2003 Links.
16 March 2003 Links to Swedish electronics supplier ELFA, to European distributor EBV Electronik, and to a new Pete Dowson FS Modules support thread.
14 March 2003 Another info source about extracting Falcon 4 data, links to the VIAF, a site with construction pix of throttles, flap lever, gear switch, and a few more surplus electronics sources.
11 March 2003 A new link to a commercial flight simulation company and another to a database on military aviation.
8 March 2003 A few more interesting links.
7 March 2003 Link to EMyCSA's "real simulator" project added.
6 March 2003 Added a section on the links page that lists a number of PC hardware review and news sites. Good resources if you're considering upgrades.
5 March 2003 Link addition.
4 March 2003 Link additions.
2 March 2003 More links.
26 February 2003 New link for a space RTS game.
25 February 2003 A few more links for stepping motor technical information, plus a few for flight sim forums.
24 February 2003 Link editing.
23 February 2003 Added a link to TINI: Tiny InterNet Interface plus a paragraph to the Ethernet interfacing page.  Collapsed the DIY air-core instrument info into a single page.
22 February 2003 After reading a post on FlightSimNetwork, I added another Ethernet IFC link (thanks Leo!), then re-visited my Ethernet interface page and decided to do a bit of editing.  Not much in the way of new content, but hopefully now a bit clearer.  Also a link to another source of inexpensive plastic gears. (Thanks Joe! AKA Capt. Slarty)
21 February 2003 A few new links and a small addition to the USB interfacing info.
20 February 2003 Check out the new section on an upcoming book: The Flight Simmer's Guide to Building Simulated Flight Instruments.
12 February 2003 Editorial updates on the options for using commercially manufactured, simulated instruments.
10 February 2003 A few links added.
8 February 2003 Revisions on the parallel port interfacing page, addition of another lib source for touching that port, a few updates on the USB page, and a pointer to a supplier of stepping motor driver chips.
7 February 2003 Link to the Home Cockpit Software Developer Team added.
6 February 2003 Link for Sim Instruments, an interesting Dutch firm intending to sell simulator components and systems.  Also another PIC related link.
2 February 2003 New forum link: Flight Simulator Baltic.
1 February 2003 Link additions in electronics suppliers.
29 January 2003 Link additions.
27 January 2003 There is now an expanded discussion of interfacing options for the build-them-yourself simulated instruments and gauges.  Removed the note about Steve Smith's project being for sale, as it sold.
25 January 2003 Link
24 January 2003 Link to Chris Brace's site: nice pictures of C-172 interior with dimensions, USB interfacing, RC servo-based gauge, construction techniques for very nice radio stack panel.
23 January 2003 New link, plus a bit of random editing.
22 January 2003 Another Fresnel lens source.
21 January 2003 Forum, mechanical stuff & electronics parts links plus a bit more info on FSUIPC.
20 January 2003 Link to QCad, free, open source 2D drawing tools.
18 January 2003 Expanded the discussion on using real flight instruments in a simulator to incorporate some pictures of an ADI's insides (c/o Roger Wielgus) along with a few pointers to information resources on synchros.
16 January 2003 Added a note to the links page about Steve Smith's 747 project being for sale.
15 January 2003 Posted some new pictures of progress on attitude indicator and localizer/CDI projects.  Divided the build them yourself instrument page up into several smaller pages to limit load time.
13 January 2003 Random link updates.
12 January 2003 A few more links: check out the Last Resort site for a look into some very nice Dutch simpit projects, also Micro Cockpit for that custom sim you're always wanted.
9 January 2003 Links added for source of stick grips and other aircraft construction supplies.
5 January 2003 A clarification about stepping motors was added to the build it yourself instrument page.
4 January 2003 Link to Virtual Flight added
3 January 2003 FS World URL added.