Site Updates in 2004

3 Dec 2004 Added a link to Bob Paige's site. He offers a selection of air-core based simulated flight instruments.
29 Nov 2004 Added quite a few links to sim builders' sites.
14 Nov 2004 Added link to Herman Lenferink's excellent write up on building a cockpit simulator, plus some general link maintenance.
9 Nov 2004 Added link to Sim Engineers site. Added book correction on errata page.
7 Nov 2004 B727 simpit link added
2 Nov 2004 B757 simpit link added
27 Oct 2004 Added links to I/O source on getting started page, removed hover buttons on book info pages because some browsers can use them. Added more material to the Simple Sim pages, in particular, describing the pedals, and a revised cyclic pivot mechanism.
20 Oct 2004 Added a number of additional simpit links.
11 Oct 2004 Updates and revisions to the Simple Sim Page. In particular, I added material about constructing a cyclic.
24 Sept 2004 Added material on the throttle grip and linkage on the Simple Sim page.
14 Sept 2004 New material added to the Simple Sim page, plus a few new links.
7 Sept 2004 Added project pictures to the book description page.
29 Aug 2004 New simpit link.
28 Aug 2004 A few new simpit links added, basic link maintenance.
24 Aug 2004 Added order information for Building Simulated Aircraft Instrumentation.
15 Aug 2004 Added info about interfacing to IL:2 on Getting Started page, plus posted pictures on Simple Sim page.
12 Aug 2004 A bit more progress on the Simple Sim.
10 Aug 2004 Updates to book status (A very nice looking approval copy received), and Simple Sim pages.
8 Aug 2004 Added links to the Simbuilder's Wiki, and started a new page on Simple Sim, my effort to design a versatile, low cost, highly functional flight simulator.
6 Aug 2004 Added a resource to the HUD page, another about Boeing panel color. Updated book status: on schedule! Listed some stepping motors for instrument simulations.
3 Aug 2004 Revised Building Simulated Aircraft Instrumentation description and added sample chapter download.
2 Aug 2004 A few new links.
29 July 2004 Beech simpit link, and a bit of grammar tweaking.
26 July 2004 Two new simpit links and a brief update to the book production status.
20 July 2004 I received a ship to me date (August 10) for the book and posted it on the book pages.
18 July 2004 A DC-3 info link, a bit more editing on the "Getting Started" page.
17 July 2004 Two simpit links added, plus some major editing of the "Getting Started" page.
13 July 2004 Book status update: Building Simulated Aircraft Instruments has been sent to press.
10 July 2004 Several new links, updated the status of getting the book printed.
7 July 2004 A few more links, and a bit more behind the scenes prep work.
5 July 2004 A few simpit links, a few info links, book status update and some behind the scenes setup preparation for book sales.
25 June 2004 Added several links to helicopter sim projects, a link to Bell Helicopter, and made a minor update to the book status: pretty much just need a manufacturer to print it!
13 June 2004 Added color info for those making Airbus and Boeing style panels. There are a number of Testors colors that are recommended for touch up on Gables Engineering control units used by Boeing and Airbus. Added a few link for suppliers of small color LCD monitors.
7 June 2004 A few new links.
5 June 2004 Added a new helicopter sim project URL along with one for a low cost CAD program. Minor update on book status.
2 June 2004 I'm just about ready to send the Building Simulated Aircraft Instruments manuscript out for manufacturing, so book status was updated. Additionally, a few new simpit links were added.
22 May 2004 Brief updates here and there. New source for plastic gears (RobotZone), new simpit link.
19 May 2004 New link for Fresnel lens source, great assortment, but no really large sizes. Also updated book progress and posted draft front cover.
17 May 2004 New Spitfire simpit link, spelling tweaks.
14 May 2004 A few new simpit links.
12 May 2004 New PIC programmer link, a couple of new simpit links as well.
7 May 2004 Book status.
30 April 2004 New B737 sim link.
29 April 2004 Link maintenance.
28 April 2004 Link maintenance and an update on the Instrument book progress (almost there!)
21 April 2004 Book status update.
12 April 2004 Book status update.
10 April 2004 New B737 simpit link.
9 April 2004 A few new links, book status update.
2 April 2004 Link maintenance, book status update.
28 March 2004 Two new links for B737NG home flight deck projects, one for a C172, another source for those hard to find toggle switch safety covers, dropped a dead link.
26 March 2004 Book status updated... Major milestone in the book: the content's all there. Have to build the table of contents (automatic) and index (not so automatic), tweak, re-read, edit, etc.
24 March 2004 Another EL supplier URL added.
21 March 2004 Added another link to a supplier of electro-luminescent panels.
17 March 2004 Due to MASSIVE spam, I have changed the email contact info. New mail accounts are site.comments and book.comments at you know where.
16 March 2004 A note on the getting started page about LO:MAC perhaps having data output capability for 'pit builders, a new simpit link,...
14 March 2004 Grammar tweaks.
13 March 2004 A few new links, book status.
11 March 2004 New link for simulated instruments, and an update on the book progress.
8 March 2004 Book status update.
3 March 2004 Book status update, and new F-16 pit link.
29 Feb 2004 Updated the page on the parallel port as a viable I/O path for your simpit.
26 Feb 2004 Linked to Integrated Flight Systems.
25 Feb 2004 Added an A340 info link, a few simpit links, and updated the book status page.
14 Feb 2004 A few more simpit links, book status update, information about toggle switch guard sources.
8 Feb 2004 A few random editorial tweaks.
6 Feb 2004 Finally got around to adding a few pictures of the stepping motor based altimeter simulation, and a picture of the perf board version of the PIC-based air-core movement electronics. Updated the book status, of course.
2 Feb 2004 Added a B737NG simpit link, and updated the status on the instrument book progress.
23 Jan 2004 Link and grammar tweaks.
20 Jan 2004 Book progress update.
16 Jan 2004 Updated book progress.
9 Jan 2004 Added a note about Roger Wielgus' plans for a TV documentary about simpit building (top of the links & simpit links pages). Updated the book progress page, and added a few more links to suppliers of LCD flat panel display components.
5 Jan 2004 Added some new material on head up displays.
2 Jan 2004 A couple of forum links added, along with another Falcon 4 and F-16 information source.
1 Jan 2004 Added a link for Integrated Publishing. They produce paper and CD reproductions of various military flight manuals.