Site Updates in 2005

14 Dec 2005 More progress to the RWR Project. Added a link to Ruprecht.
30 Nov 2005 A few new links, plus a few additions to the book errata page.
25 Nov 2005 Added an overview of an upcoming book: Building A Recreational Flight Simulator.
7 Nov 2005 Added links to LFS Technologies on the links page and getting started page.
2 Nov 2005   RWR Project status update, and a link to a Beechcraft Baron sim.
24 Oct 2005 Another status update to the RWR Project
21 Oct 2005 Status update to the RWR Project
20 Oct 2005 Simpit link added
19 Oct 2005 Added MoneyGram as purchase option on book page, a few WWII A/C info links, etc.
18 Oct 2005 Posted progress update to RWR Project page.
16 Oct 2005 Bf109 link added
28 Sept 2005 A few more links: commercial sim builder, A/C salvage source.
27 Sept 2005 A few new F-16 simpit links, added link to my AVSIM 2005 presentation handout.
28 Aug 2005 New B737NG simpit link added on Simpit Links page
26 Aug 2005 A few more links, added some a general guideline for getting started building a simpit on the getting started page.
24 Aug 2005 Added new A320 simpit link.
19 Aug 2005 Added a rather lengthy description of how to use RS422 interfacing for the PIC-based projects described in Building Simulated Aircraft Instrumentation.
18 Aug 2005 Link updates. Index page news update.
29 June 2005 Simpit link update.
26 June 2005 FW190 simpit link added.
15 June 2005 An A320 project link, links to a few parts suppliers, and a few pictures and words about (some very slow) progress on the Simple Sim Project.
8 June 2005 Another status update to the RWR project page.
31 May 2005 Brief status update to the RWR project page, and a new 737 simpit URL added
21 May 2005 Firmware description added to the RWR project page
15 May 2005 There is a major addition describing a project to interface a real azimuth indicator to a PC running Falcon 4.0.
27 Apr 2005 B-17 simpit link, USB adapter supplier link.
16 Apr 2005 Lear 45 and R-22 simpit links added.
8 Apr 2005 Link maintenance.
4 Apr 2005 P51 simpit link added.
1 Apr 2005 Removed notes regarding the closure of Beta Innovations as it has reopened.
29 Mar 2005 Added a link to Flight Simulator Builder, a start up offering Boeing style throttle quad knobs, and soon, control yokes. Added several links to hobby flight deck sites. A few grammar tweaks here and there. Some errata for Building Simulated Aircraft Instrumentation.
4 Mar 2005 There are several more forum sites these days. Links to some have been added to the Getting Started page.  I've also added several more links to sim builders. It's a growing hobby... hard to keep up with everyone. I made a few changes to the page on using real flight instruments in a home sim. There is now a new link to an engineering handbook on synchros, a family of devices that see use in a variety of military and commercial instruments.
29 Jan 2005 New F-16C simpit link
21 Jan 2005 A few simpit links.
12 Jan 2005 Link addition for Sea Gull Simulation Systems & Parts. Some editing on the buying simulated flight instruments page.