Site Updates in 2006

28 Dec 2006 New rants: Learning SimConnect and wrestling with multi-mon configs.
27 Dec 2006 Link Maintenance
4 Dec 2006 More updates on the dual, LED-based electronic gauge, added some mentions of SimConnect.
28 Nov 2006 Index page update covering current work on the dual, LED-based electronic gauge.
14 Nov 2006 Added some material about a dual fuel flow indicator, some musings about Hall effect position sensors, and a brief book update.
27 Oct 2006 Info about the Position Sensors chapter added to index page, picture of chapter project pc board, an LVDT signal conditioner. Link updates. Added info about Mike Couvillian's C++ wrapper for Devicelink. Still waiting for my long ago pre-ordered copy of MSFSX. Whadaya mean it's backordered?
17 Oct 2006 Update on book progress, small power supplies, 4-digit, 7-segment LED displays. Where's my copy of MSFSX?
9 Oct 2006 Rant on synchro ground isolation added to index page, link repair.
2 Oct 2006 DTS project update and motor book references added.
22 Sept 2006 DTS project update on index page.
14 Sept 2006 Updates to What's New section of index page.
30 Aug 2006 Link maintenance.
27 Aug 2006 Added some random ravings about control loading.
25 Aug 2006 Editorial tweak.
24 Aug 2006 Book progress, plus a few new simpit links.
18 Aug 2006 Book progress update and link repair.
2 Aug 2006 Update on book progress.
29 June 2006 Added f-16 simpit link.
23 June 2006 New B-737NG simpit link.
18 June 2006 Added some hex file downloads for projects in Building Simulated Aircraft Instrumentation.
14 June 2006 New B777 simpit link. Small update on new book progress.
2 June 2006 New 737 simpit site link.
20 May 2006 Restructured the Mike's Flight Deck Books portion of the site and added a link to HoverGirl.
17 May 2006 B737NG link added to Simpit Links pageBook status updates. Instrument book errata addition.
10 May 2006 Added link to Desktop Aviator.
9 May 2006 Added various A320 & B737 links to Simpit Links page.
8 May 2006 RWR project update. Added a link to a very nice Bell 206B helicopter sim.
28 April 2006 RWR project update.
23 April 2006 RWR project update.
19 Apr 2006 Added a link to Roland van Roy's new site. This is a great resource for the home sim builder. And of course, an RWR project update.
14 Apr 2006 RWR project update.
9 Apr 2006 RWR project update.
6 Apr 2006 I finally broke down and bought a micro controller device programmer. I have built a number both because I like building things, and because building is generally cheaper. However, at US$50, the Microchip PICKit2 is a great value for both the beginner and the more established hobbyist. I updated the Micro controllers page to cover it.
1 Apr 2006 RWR project update. Jay's boards are here. Nice!
29 Mar 2006 New 737 simpit link, book status update with new pix.
26 Mar 2006 Simpit link added.
25 Mar 2006 book status updates.
20 Mar 2006 A few new simpit links added.
16 Mar 2006 Book progress updates.
11 Mar 2006 Minor link and progress updates.
7 Mar 2006 Link to Leo Bodnar's USB chip, book progress updates.
21 Feb 2006 Links and tweaks. New book progress status items.
29 Jan 2006 A few new links.
26 Jan 2006 Update to the RWR Project. Introduced a new project: interfacing synchros.
12 Jan 2006 Update to the RWR Project
3 Jan 2006 Brief progress update to the RWR Project. Added a B737NG Link.